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Shared Haiku

Page 3


dollar bills can be
occupational hazards
to those without pants



Bubbly green raindrops
May float up to the pink sun
When the Muse comes through

by Eric Shapiro

(author of Short of a Picnic)


The first song bird
Singing early in the morning
Silence the crickets



I read from Buddha
But He was a bit too fast
The Message was lost



She lays next to me
Her soft skin is shimmering
Lit by the moonlight

Don French


after the downpour
lying on the nature strip
a can of mushrooms

near the train station
hanging on the power lines
a pair of runners

warm bath
    hole in roof
cold shower

myron lysenko


These are some wonderful erotic Haiku by  Isuku, Enjoy!

your hand strokes below
firm flesh caressed by your tongue
summer holiday

nipples brush my thighs
your face lost between my legs
surging of the surf

stars move so slowly
you press deep between my legs
tongue licks my nipples

a weekend morning
hairy chest taut above me
thick hardness inside

your knees press my ears
mouth filled with thrusting motion
a sunlit geyser

blanket of spring grass
tongue probing deep inside you
your moans as if pained

a moonlit window
white breasts swell beneath my hand
firm nipples at my lips

spring breeze on the grass
firm muscle thrust deep inside
my thighs clasp you close

a silent darkness
my face pressed between your thighs
your lips yield to mine

on a moonlit beach
your hot muscle fills my throat
deep in me your tongue

moonglints in your eyes
I gently press deep in you
your hips thrust pleasure


Clouds rolling yonder
Lightning bolts across the sky
And the rain draws nigh

Terri Humphreys



Quotes from The Dhammapada- The Sayings of the Buddha


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