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Haiku Evolution Two



Struggling with my pen,
Two geese fly by the window.
Pen cap goes flying.


7th. Floor

Pyramid on roof,
I see through it from above.
Made from Glass and Steel



Compelled to find out...
What is the beauty of this?
Now, I know nothing.

Ad Infinitum

Time is repeating.
Yet again I feel my heart,
but this time I lied.


Decomposing head
It feels all used by the worm.
You set my time down.


Familiar Trail,
They go shortly outward there.
Who can tell me where?



Black and white tiger,
You have no spots to see sun.
Madly, your stripes run.



It unfolded deep.
It came unraveled dark.
I know what Birth is.


Twice I came to hear,
What to see was even near.
From my home today.



Dragon's Blood burns sweet...
the scent reminds me of Pine.
I think of canyons.



Scent of Patchouli,
Nearing an Indian Girl
Enfolded Embrace.


Quotes from The Dhammapada- The Sayings of the Buddha


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