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Haiku Evolution Six



Early spring downpour.
Mailwoman in Pith Helmet.
Deception prevails.


Sprinkling salt on food,
The top comes off, food ruined.
Scraping food in trash.


Waiting in long line.
No fuel left for the pilgrims.
Dollar-fifty gas.

Mute Elation

I left my girlfriend.
Her love never ends, *sighing*,
Self inflicted pain.


Blue man on red bike,
He listens to his earphones.
I nearly hit him.


Bright red brakelights glare.
I see double, I'm too close.
Red lights turn to blue.


Crane on riverbank,
Two hundred foot black lattice.
Sun interrupted.


Reality shifts.
I believe my truths are wrong.
Yellow Jujyfruits.



Arrow blinks merge left,
Lightning strikes behind the sign.
Synchronized flashing.


Quotes from The Dhammapada- The Sayings of the Buddha


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