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Haiku Evolution Seven



Red Gate to heaven.
Red Gate to all heaven holds.
Happy, Happy, Joy.

Fowl Light

Moonlight across creek.
I was mistaken... Porchlight.
Duck paddles through light.

River of Fire

River flows inward.
The ice breaks after a freeze.
Time sparks the kindling.


The peace of your mind...
...Leaves fall on the road behind.
The piece of my mind...

Bodily Excretia

Shit , Spit, Damn, Piss, Cum!
One of these doesn't belong.
Damn, not too clever!

Reigning Hare

Rabbit falls from tree.
How did he get in a tree?
Raptorous grip fails.


Blossom of lifetimes,
The fruit long ago enjoyed.
Eons of longing.


Old oak grabs the earth.
Roots firmly coiled like snakes.
Ocean foam hisses.



Quotes from The Dhammapada- The Sayings of the Buddha



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