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Instant Haiku Submissions



This black rain lightens.
Blossoming friendship spreads,
A dream after the storm.

generated by Byakko



This great death demeans.
Secretive laughter smears,
The time after sunset.

generated by Byakko.


Black Lotus

One sour bud goes away.
Devious lotus drops.
This Sea burning with light.

generated by Byakko.


Under the mud

Some Poor Frog denies.
Beauteous Heartache ends,
The Leap in winter chill.

generated by Byakko.


Heaven Runner

One deep space collides.
Forbidden deep crag stirs,
A run over the sky.


generated by Byakko



One light Dream rises.
Collapsing lover stares,
The time over the sky.

generated by JRoberto

Dragon's Wind

The red wind is true.
Determined raindrop wounds,
This fall out of our lives.

generated by Byakko

Random Morbidity

The new tomb goes down.
Unfolding heartache cries,
The scream into the dawn.

generated by Detori



The green child whispers
Unfolding beauty stirs
This dream in winter chill.

generated by LadySallie



 One cold god is dead.
Determined mother lives.
The sea over the sky.

generated by LadySallie


White Fire

One white fire shimmers.
Engulfing beauty soon dies,
Dreams burning with light.

 generated by Elizabeth Beckman



The hard void is dead.
Cascading heartache chokes.
The Scream to escape death.

generated by Ericgatez


A sweet frog swims away.
Cascading summer ends,
The dream after sunset


One spring day is born,
Luminous petal drops,
A dream into the dawn.



This red fire explodes.
Engulfing shadow spreads.
The Scream before twilight.



The White dove will fall.
Darkening evening ends.
A call into the light.



That soft bed whispers,
Engulfing goddess shakes.
The Scream during the night.


The sweet rain shivers
Blossoming water stirs,
a leap across the wind

generated by Sheryl McCurdy


Some great child is dead.
Secretive friendship dies,
The laugh nearer to me.



Some soft night whispers.
Unfolding beauty spreads,
The dream after the storm.


This black void listens.
Collapsing spirit shakes.
A scream during the night.

generated by Unknown Pen


The blue sound explodes,
Unfolding water drops,
A leap across the wind.

generated by Jeff Leong

The damp void whispers,
Engulfing snowfall ends,
A laugh over the sky.

the big desk denies.
collapsing heartache cries,
the laugh after the storm.

dark clouds wander
new frienships bloom
after the storm

Some young void is born
Delicate petal drops,
A scream to a new life

The deep flood dances,
delicate system rocks
this scream onto the bed

One dark dream softens,
unfolding lover soars
this laugh onto the bed

That Deep girl will fall,
delicate beauty spreads
the sea to a new life

Wind Dance

A soft wind whispers
Unfolding beauty stirs
A dream nearer to me

      generated by Vrykalak

A soft fire dances.
Generous lover soars,
this laugh into the light.

One fall night darkens.
Forbidden lover stirs,
A laugh across the wind

generated by M. Dandenses

One young boy wanders.
Unfolding evil stirs,
A death during the night.

This dark dream whispers.
Unfolding, spirit stirs.
A leap into dawn.

Shivering white clouds
The engulfing water grunts
Sea without patience.

generated by Jeff Leong

A light day darkens
Engulfing shadows spread
A death after sunset


A light day darkens
Engulfing shadows spread
A death after sunset

generated by Stephen Adams

A young frog listens.
Unfolding evening beats,
A Leap during the night.

this old sound rises.
secretive heartache stirs,
the dream across the wind

one thin void listens
vibrating shadow cries
this call to a new life

One young dream shivers
blossoming snowfalls flows
this leap before twilight

A soft cloud whispers.
Blossoming friendship sings,
A dream nearer to me.

The wet cloud shivers.
Unfolding raindrop cries,
The laugh in winter chill.

Change of Seasons

The soft cloud shivers.
Unfolding water cries,
The laugh of Winter's chill.

generated by Rachelle Rose



Quotes from The Dhammapada- The Sayings of the Buddha



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