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Haiku Evolution Five



Haze hangs above snow.
Skeleton trees side by side.
Twins of the same Height.


Leaf and grass grounded,
Leaf flew to live with the grass.
Plummeting to death.


Boats of musk incense,
Scented plumes on my bookshelf.
two red eyes burn out.

Spring Hatch

Walking on spring path,
Movement noticed but not seen.
Quail mother and chicks.


Bluejay cries to me,
Flying to usual tree.
Begging for peanuts.


Desiring women,
The great bane of existence.
Impaled by beauty.


Time screams under toe.
Why it is there nobody knows.
Einstein had no clue.

Dollar General

Cart, Garbage Can, Bench.
I smoke my last cigarette.
Man scans soap in store.


Nephew done with bath.
The dog goes in next for hers.
Coconut Shampoo.

The Thinking Man

As he passes by,
I wonder what he thinks of.
I think of his thoughts.


Quotes from The Dhammapada- The Sayings of the Buddha


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