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Shared Haiku



Wish upon a star,
Amazing grace has saved me.
Redemption on ice.

by ggurl



Hearing ghost noises
The power of words makes fright.
I am over it.

by ggurl


I came back to you
With fingers of melted clay.
And a voice like trees.

by ggurl


Coffee Cup

Worship coffee gods
While beans grow on a mountain
Some far away place.

by ggurl


Punk rock imbecile.
Trailer trash pimp momma's boy.
He blew his brains out.

by ggurl



Marlboro light smoke
Swirls in the autumn darkness
Down in the alley.

by ggurl

High School

Freaky geeky girl,
Relaxing in the restroom.
Getting a swirly.

by ggurl

Catching Air

Pavement meets my head,
Fuckin'-A i need stitches!
A good day skating.

by ggurl


My birthday today.
Far away, nothing matters.
Dogs howling outside.

by ggurl


Bad Day

Move and I'll punch you!
I said not to fuckin' move!!
A fucked-up tattoo.

by ggurl


Baby Mom

Forever and gone-
Long ago, belt buckle welts.
Old tear stained pillows.

by ggurl


Davis Besse

Tower of power,
Sunset splashes orange juice
And blood over lake.

by ggurl


Skinny Dipping

Flowing ice water.
Our naked race to nowhere.
Sun burning through leaves.

by ggurl



Bird meditation.
Wandering through a love song.
Lost in the deep sky.

by ggurl



With you inside me,
The pain of living leaves me,
For one lost moment.

by Anonymous


Last Night

Dreamt of a strange bird
Drawing him from tail to head
It was a phoenix

by Amy (BlackAngel)



Patiently I wait
Strange existance unfolding
Where will it take me

by Amy (BlackAngel)


Living Room

Big crackled glass fish
Poised atop coffee table
Swallowed my seashells

by Amy (BlackAngel)


Home Improvement

This unfinished house
Makes us feel unfinished too
Trip to hardware store

by Amy (BlackAngel)



Beautiful day out
No cordless-must stay inside
Watch day through window

by Amy (BlackAngel)

Little Beggar

Feed me from your plate
Yuck! That's not what I wanted!
Give me something else

by Amy (BlackAngel)


A Cloud

A long cloud slides on
a smooth lake at noon while it
shimmers in the sun

by Chirstopher M. Fulp



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