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Byakko’s Gunsaku-no-Fushirenga-no-Haikai


*Gunsaku (Group Work)- Of Haiku and Tanka, a group of poems on a single subject which illuminate the subject from various points of view, but can be read independently.

*Renga (Linked Poem)- A poem of alternating stanzas of nominally five-seven-five and seven-seven onji (for our purposes, syllables), usually composed by two or more poets, and developing texture by shifting among several traditional topics without narrative progression. Typical renga run to 36, 50, 100, 1000 or more stanzas.

*Definitions from, The Haiku Handbook by William J. Higginson with Penny Harter.




“Eternal Narrative of Linked Haikus”

This is an experimental-fusion form of renga. For more information and samples of renga go here-

Simply stated, I hope this to be an eternal (endless) linking of haiku following a subtle, or  even blatant, but fluid , narrative or theme.

 To make this accessible and simple -and since most people are familiar with haiku, I’m throwing out the 17-14 syllable  alternation of traditional renga. The only rules are, that your addition be a short 3 line haiku or poem (Traditional -17 syllables, or free form.) that is somehow pertinent or linked to the on-going  theme, flavor or story-line of the renga.

 As a tribute to the origin and tradition of the art of haiku , this renga’s hokku (starting verse) will be in traditional 5-7-5 syllable form. And since this is Fushi (eternally young), and also, started in Spring (May 22, 2002). It will contain a Spring Kigo (5 syllable seasonal reference.).


Start the Fushirenga…

 Who wants to begin this renga? Send your traditional (5-7-5 syllable) hokku/haiku containing a Spring kigo (seasonal starting verse), along with your name or penname to:

-or submit your hokku/haiku below in the provided form.


I will then post your haiku here on this website on a soon-to–be announced-date, to be read and voted upon.

 Whoever receives the popular vote (most votes) will have the honor of starting this eternal renga.

 Thereafter, there will be a form provided on this website to instantly submit your haiku additions. All submissions will be automatically included (with your name), and continue to build upon the starting, and subsequent stanzas, of this renga.

 -One continual scrolling page of an eternal, linked, haiku renga.


Be creative.,.be fun…and be one.




Submit your traditional 17 syllable (5-7-5) hokku/haiku, with a Spring kigo to be considered and voted upon as the renga starting verse (You must include your name or penname and email address) :


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