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Haiku Evolution Four



 My Street

Newspaper in street.
Tennis shoes hanging from wire.
Wind blows, paper flies.


Beautiful lady,
Meeting her for the first time.
I become dizzy.

Bodhi Tree

The West opens up.
Illusion reveals its' face.
My reflection lies.

Green with...

I feel Love around.
The glow is radiating.
Jealousy is hope.


She fills the void up.
What is yet to be replaced?
Devourer of Worlds.


Seeker wandering,
He lays his head on brown leaves.
The Journey Begins.

Lotus Eater

Whole worlds swim in head.
A thousand hands bound within.
Plucking Lily Buds.


From one thought comes two,
From two come three of the same.
Mind-Seal of Buddha.



Quotes from The Dhammapada- The Sayings of the Buddha


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